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Be The Best at Craigslist

“The Most Powerful Service” for Auto Dealers

Fully Automated

Automatically generate phone and site traffic that drives sales.

Always Be On Top

Smart Posting™ technology maximizes your Craigslist efforts.

Sales Match

Caller ID and DMV data tells us if you won the sale.

$140 Cost Per Sale

Craigslist is more cost-effective than Auto Trader and combined.

Start Getting Calls Today

Our turnkey, automated solution can have you up and running in 24 hours.

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Our Success Equation:

  • In-Market Traffic

    Craigslist has more traffic than autotrader and combined


    Smart Posting™

    Detroit Trading proprietary technology that automates your inventory and systematically shows the right vehicles, in the right markets, at the right time.

  • =

  • Sales

    With our technology you can achieve a cost per sale that’s significantly lower than the NADA average of $600.

    Cost per sale of $140

 Success Metrics

What can 100 cars on Craigslist bring you?

  • 167

    Phone Calls

  • 428

    Clicks to your website

  • 1

    Interested text

  • 11


  • 11

    Cars sold

Data and Science combine to drive
Smart Posting™ and 3x

What does it mean to have technology do the work for you?

Inventory Sync

Seamless integration with every inventory provider

Creative Overlay

Make your post stand out with our custom, fully tested creative approach

Smart Posting™

Better position and exposure for your vehicles.

Automates the posting process.

Ensures your posts stay on top.

Constantly monitors Craigslist automotive activity nationwide to understand peak days and times.

Processes competitive data by make, model, price & shopping activity by day, time and seasonality to ensure you post is places at the most opportune moment.

Learn more:

Automatic Updates

Updates or removes your post automatically when your vehicle sells.

Dedicated Client Success Team

A fully dedicated staff member will be assigned to guarantee your success.

Real-Time Dealer Dashboard

View activity

Check emails

Review texts

Listen to recorded phone calls, providing immense value for follow-up and staff training.

CRM Integration

Real-time CRM integration – we deliver your leads directly into your CRM immediately, not when its too late.

 Listen to a Real Craigslist Phone Call

“Hi I’m calling about your 2008 Nissan 350Z you have listed online. Is that still available?”

“Yes! I just test drove it with a customer this morning.”

“Great! I’m about 45 minutes away… I’d like to stop by and see it.”

 Scale & Efficiency

How much time do you spend posting on Craigslist?

  • 20

    The average time it takes a dealer to post on Craigslist.

  • 150

    The average dealer post volume per week.

  • 50

    The staff hours delegated to posting per week.

 What can you do with an extra 50 hours?


Dealer Approved

“I’ve researched and used various products in the past to post our stores inventory to Craigslist and other classified sites. Without question, Detroit Trading’s Classified Posting Service is the most powerful service I’ve ever heard about or witnessed in action. Besides their vehicle listing looking fantastic, their approach to listing my inventories in a very intelligent and strategic manner is a key factor to why our BDC’s Dept. phones are constantly ringing. This solution is very cost effective when looking at monthly sales that result from this service. A very good vendor to work with and I would highly recommend their Classified Posting Service.”

Jim Elder
Suburban Ford

7,000 Satisfied Dealers


About Us

Headquartered in metropolitan Detroit, Detroit Trading Company is amongst the world’s foremost aggregators of  “in-market” automotive shopper intelligence, providing data to original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) and dealers that is responsible for more than 30,000 vehicle sales or $1 billion in monthly car sales.

The company was founded by a group of executives from after it was sold to Autobytel in April of 2004. Our team includes leadership from advertising agencies, original equipment manufacturers, leading digital media agencies and respected data-analytics firms. Today, Detroit Trading Company’s technology and digital marketing solutions serve the world’s largest auto manufacturers, drives sales for the nation’s top dealer groups and powers the nation’s top online automotive shopping channels.

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