A BDC Tracker to Get a Clear View of Performance


“BDC Tracker’s can help you understand where performance is at. This helps when your CRM lies to you no matter which way you look at it” ~Internet Sales Manager

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What’s a BDC Tracker?

Getting a grip on BDC performance can be hard, especially if you’re a BDC Manager attempting to optimize performance . One of the quickest ways to get a handle on where performance is, is to use a BDC Tracker. A BDC Tracker can help you understand key performance indicators, or KPI's, of your operation at a fundamental level, and help get rid of any extraneous noise you find in a typical CRM setup. To preface this exercise, it is a very manual process; the fact of the matter is that with so much noise in a CRM, it’s often times hard to understand how your BDR’s are performing against each other. This BDC tracker is plain and simple, and it’s proven to give BDC Managers a stronghold on where the team was before they came in.

BDC Tracker KPI’s

At the end of the day, a BDC serves a dealership primarily through servicing incoming sales and service leads. These leads could have come from the internet, or from a lead aggregator, maybe their own website; any number of lead generators. It’s important to be able to capture the lead some place, and then be able to report on the following key performance indicators:

  • Leads worked* (crm needed)
  • Individual Activities Conducted
  • Engaged Leads
  • Out of market Leads
  • Converted Leads (set an appointment)
  • Leads that showed
  • Response Time* (crm needed)
  • Leads that purchased ** (need to get from sales, or have a crm)

Collaboration is key to success

While the process listed above is manual on 5/8 points, most of it can be done without a CRM. If you have just a handful of BDR’s it may be worth doing this exercise for a couple of days. Getting your CRM setup properly while your team is using this process is a very important step.

Looking for a BDC Tracker to use? Here is one we made. This BDC Tracker is a simple Google Spreadsheet, but covers the fundamentals. Using systems such as Internet Lead Management (ILM) or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems you can take this manual process to the next level.

A simple Google Sheet is all you need to start tracking KPI's effectively and start optimiing your BDC to setting more appointments and ultimately selling more cars. 

Get a clear view of your BDC's performance. Learn more today.

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