Top 10 Lead Sources for Automotive BDC’s in 2020


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In 2019, thousands of automotive dealerships across the US, Canada and most of the world purchased millions of car shopper leads from various sources. Lead sources range from OEM lead programs, to 3rd party marketplaces, from online chats to credit applications from your website.

In 2019 our Automotive BDC worked hundreds of thousands of leads on behalf of Dealerships. We aggregated performance metrics, and tallied which sources performed best for our dealers and resulted in the most sales.

Many dealerships have BDC’s that do the initial heavy lifting to begin the sales process for the shopper. These lead sources were the highest closing (purchased a car) sources when getting worked by a BDC.

Best Automotive Lead Sources for 2020:

1 28.20%
2 Truecar 18.14%
3 Costco 17.62%
4 Gubagoo 12.11%
5 10.84%
6 Carfax 9.18%
7 DealerCentric 8.50%
8 Chrysler Digital 7.43%
9 Autotrader 6.95%
10 Autobytel 6.51%

Our BDC in Detroit, MI Collected thousands of data points in 2019

There were thousands of other lead sources that passed through our BDC. None of which were as high performing as the lead sources listed above. Some of which you’re probably buying leads from right now, and likely wasting your money on low closing sources.

By employing BDC Best Practices and partnering with sources that close at a high rate (like the ones above), you can set your team up for a grand slam.

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