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Introduction – Why does this matter?

Setting Appointments that show up is the goal of every automotive bdc. Within a dealership, a bdc can help generate substantially more foot traffic. There are a few techniques that differentiat between dealers that opperate ace BDC’s, and those providing just the run of the mill experience. Realizing the best show rates and increasing customer satisfaction relies on just three areas of focus – get good at these, and the appointments will follow.

1.) Pre-Call Preparation

2.) On Call Questions

3.) Post Call Follow Up

Pre-Call Preparation

To set appointments that show up, a BDC Rep must be prepared for the call. Spend at least a minute preparing before the call. There is nothing worse for a shopper and potential customer to receive a call and then be put on hold while their questions are answered. 

  1. Identify any questions that the shopper has from the initial lead inquiry. 
    1. If a shopper is asking about features, availability, financing, payments, etc, be prepared to discuss this on the phone. It is best if the BDC Rep can bring up the questions so the customer does not have to ask again, and provide confident answers to those questions. Nothing frustates a customer more than having their initial questions ignored. 
  2. Be prepared to discuss other options with the shopper. 
    1. Half of new car shoppers buy the vehicle they submitted a lead on, the other half buy something else! Be prepared to discuss not only the original vehicle of interest, but also all of the other great options your dealership has. 
  3. Make your call(s) with a smile on your face in a quiet place. 
    1. Smile. Then Smile again. Your BDC reps will feel and sound much better if they execute a dial with a smile. It is also suggested to put a mirror on your BDC Reps’ desks, so they can glance at themselves to confirm they are smiling! You can hear a smile over the phone. Phsically smiling during a call has proven to increase close rates. 

On-Call Questions – Setting the Appointment

When your BDC Reps are on the phone with your customers, this is when the magic happens. Aside from being kind and confident, train your BDC Reps to ask these three crucial questions

  1. When do you typically set your appointments for, morning, mid-day, or evening? 
    1. People are creatures habits, which includs their daily schedule. For those who work 8-5, they are going to tell you they set their appointments in the late afternoon, after work. For those who work afternoons, it is likely they will set their appointment early in the day. Asking for a range of time instead of an exact is an easiler ask for customers to quickly comprehend. 
  2. What is the One Thing that you want to accomplish during your visit? 
    1. There may be more, but this makes the shopper know that their main concern will be addressed, wone thinghile giving your BDC Reps and Salespeople the best opportunity to prepare for this critical question. 
  3. Is there anything that may preclude you from coming to your appointment? 
    1. This gives the shopper another time to reconsider the time they agreed to, and to decide on a better time if there is uncertainty.

Post-Call Follow Up

The customer has agreed to show up at the dealership, now what? If you wait and hope they show up, you’ll be stuck in mediocrity forever. Go the extra mile, make it personal, and have a little fun. Everyone (almost) has a smartphone and can send and receive video messages. Have your BDC Rep or Salesperson, whomever the appointment is assigned to, use a cell phone, take a 30-second selfie-video and text it to the shopper. 

“Send a video like this and you’ll be amazed the sort of response you get” -Sales Manager
  1. Keep it raw and unrefined. Make it feel special. Smile. 
    1. Don’t worry about shaky hands, wind noise, or poor lighting. It’s not made for a commercial, just a quick intro that is personal. 
  2. Show the vehicle and dealership in the background. 
    1. Let the shopper know you have what they want and show your dealership in the background. 
  3. Address the One Thing and assure the shopper you will be able to handle it. 
    1. Let the shopper know you are aware of the one thing they want to accomplish and ensure they you will have answers ready. For example, “I know you wanted to discuss payments so I’ve set time aside with my business manager so she is prepared and has time allocated to spend with you. 


Setting appointments that show is a game of persistence, and procedural discipline. Once your BDC Reps and Salespeople become comfortable with this process, your dealership will see appointment show rates rise steadily.  Give it a shot and leave your comments below.

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