Extensive Study Proves Dealers Should Focus More Effort After Hours and On Weekends


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Research includes 250,000 treated leads and indicates the most important time to focus on handraisers is when the dealership is traditionally closed.

Over the last year Detroit Trading, a leading BDC services provider based in the automotive hub of the country, studied hundreds of thousands of leads and have collected some valuable statistics.  They asked, “what’s the value of a weekend’s worth of internet leads to a dealership?” The study not only proved that leads engaged over the weekend are more likely to close, but that those immediately after 5 and 6pm on weekdays close at a higher rate too. In addition, all leads are more likely to engage with an agent over the phone or via text after traditional business hours.

“What we found was striking,” said Jeff Bonner, Vice President of Detroit Trading. “We’ve always known from anecdotal measurements that BDC Support after hours could really push engagement and sales. When we saw the focused study in this one area our mouths dropped open. The pattern that the study showed is crystal clear; shoppers want to be engaged when most dealerships are closed.”


Dealers Make Heavy Investments in Process, but may be missing the true golden opportunity

It’s often overlooked just how much time and energy is spent at dealers trying to get the process correct. Manydealers are then closed on weeknights and weekends right when they could recoup their investment. 

“Many dealers make such wise investments in their BDC,” Jeff continues. “Like a high dollar CRM, talented and full-time sales professionals, website and online promotion and leads, hours of time spent on email templates. Even attending all the conferences and association meetings. There is a huge opportunity to use all of that investment wisely and focus on the right time to engage.”


Key Study Takeaways: 

  • Weekends and evenings are the best time to convert leads who are already engaging with you, by far! (+10%).
  • Most Likely to Convert a non-engaged lead out of the blue late Tuesday nights (6-8pm).
  • Leads created on Saturday morning are most likely to engage with you.
  • High investment in your BDC will payoff with focused effort on times when customers want to engage.


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