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Partner with the Best BDC.

Call First. Connect First. Sell First.

We’re the Rapid Response BDC. You’ll be the first dealer to connect with your shoppers before the competition.

We’re mining for gold

Our “Wash Plant” sorts the gold from the pay dirt.  We deliver appointments, credit apps, and hot transfers.

We set appointments in your CRM

Assigned to your sales managers with detailed notes.

Don’t lose your dealership

Real people setting your appointments, not robo-dialers. We take TCPA compliance seriously.

Real results. Real numbers.

Stop fumbling through misleading CRM reports. Get the facts using the Rapid Response dashboard.

Do you have a BDC Disaster?

Hard to manage? Turnover? Poor Performance?

We are car salespeople

We know cars. We sell cars. We get it.

Turnkey billing with

GM believes in us. They pay 50%, you should too.

“One of the best I’ve ever seen…”

“Scott crushed it. Honestly this is one of the best mystery shops I have ever seen and I have seen a lot.”
-John from C4 Analytics

 We’re Less Expensive and More Effective

  • You’re currently spending:

    $6,000 per BDC Rep Per Mo.

    Wages, payroll taxes, paid time off, benefits, overhead, management, training, turnover, smoke breaks, bathroom breaks, personal phone calls, chit chat, thinking about what to do next, etc. You’re lucky to get 1/2 a day of actual work done.

  • You’re currently spending

    $25-45 to work each lead

    To maximize your contact and appointment set rates, you’ll need to perform at least 10 activities (call, email, text) and over 30 minutes of work. And if this work isn’t performed well, there’s missed-opportunity cost.

 Industry Statistics to Keep In Mind

The following statistics as seen in Harvard Business Review, “Best Practices for Lead Response Management.” A study of 4,723 leads from shows that companies are slow to respond to leads and are not persistent in following up.

 Only 4.7% of companies achieved the optimal 5-minute window response time.

 The average response time to leads in this study was 44 hours!

 77.7% never returned a phone call

 Less than 10% of leads received the recommended 12 touches.

 50% of leads were not responded to at all.

It’s a race. Speed matters.

81% of auto shoppers start their search online. The first dealer to respond to a lead has an 80% chance of closing. A 20 minute response time to a fresh lead just isn’t good enough.

We Train Every Day. And It Shows.

Our in-house sales training guru, Daryl Sanders, has been in the automotive business for 30 years. He’s helped countless dealerships get better at selling cars from online leads, and now he can help you.

  • 39 Seconds

    Our response rate is first in the industry, with less than a minute from when lead was submitted to initial phone call.

    The national average is 44 hours. HOURS!

  • 60% Engagement

    Our agents use foundational scripting that is best-in-class.

    The industry average is just 30%.

  • 48% Open Rate

    Our subject lines and formats on emails are proven.

    Industry average is 15%.

Different. Better.

Everyday, our team gets to work to sell your products. They learn about your vehicles with hands-on product demos right in our showroom. Our open environment in downtown Detroit fosters cross communication and education, creativity and excitement.

About Us

Headquartered in metropolitan Detroit, Detroit Trading Company is amongst the world’s foremost aggregators of “in-market” automotive shopper intelligence, providing data to original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) and dealers that is responsible for more than 30,000 vehicle sales or $1 billion in monthly car sales.

The company was founded by a group of executives from after it was sold to Autobytel in April of 2004. Our team includes leadership from advertising agencies, original equipment manufacturers, leading digital media agencies and respected data-analytics firms. Today, Detroit Trading Company’s technology and digital marketing solutions serve the world’s largest auto manufacturers, drives sales for the nation’s top dealer groups and powers the nation’s top online automotive shopping channels.

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