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The First Line of Interaction

As a dealership, your first line of interaction with a interested buyer comes through your BDC or sales team. If you have a BDC in place, they’re likely to be the business unit responsible for initially reaching out to the dealerships’ leads. Your BDC needs to be more effective than your sales team when it comes to talking with prospects. That’s where modifying BDC Call Scripts comes into play.

Why are BDC Call Scripts Important?

That very first interaction with a shopper is important because likely you’re going to be speaking with a shopper who hasn’t been to your dealership. As the saying goes, first impressions are everything. And when it comes to the first impression of the shopper, there’s no quicker way to lose a customer than to lose them with your BDC. That’s why it’s important to maximize Automotive BDC effectiveness, so the shopper actually makes it to the lot, and has the chance to test-drive the car. Shoppers that make it to that point are 38x more likely to buy a car from you than a customer who doesn’t talk with your BDC. BDC’s add value to your sales cycle, the key is being able to further enhance penetration to drive amplified results.

Flow of Effective BDC Call Scripts

The 4 guiding principles to having a great first conversation with a prospective buyer are simple:

  1. What are you driving currently?
  2. What are you interested in?
  3. How are you paying for it?
  4. What’s the payment?

The great thing is that depending on how much accessibility you have to payment calculation and the DMS, as a BDC you don’t NEED to do #3 and #4 before handing over to the sales team, but it DOES HELP to prime the pump for them. If anything, #3 and #4 act as a disqualifier. And if not, are an accelerator towards sale.

Call Scripting can really help if you can develop your own talk tracks around those 4 waypoints. Feel free to make use of our BDC Call Script Template below. There’s a second page that lets you make your own bdc call script.

You can use the BDC call script template below to help your BDC enhance interactions with prospective shoppers.

BDC Call Script Template PDF

                 BDC Call Script PDF

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