5 Simple Tips To Unlock Your Sales BDC in 2020


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Your BDC is a big investment. Unlocking its potential is as simple as focusing on 5 key areas

But first, let's set the stage.

Within a dealership, there are two big overarching departments: Service and Sales. Service is responsible for bringing in service customers, and whose generalized goal is to maximize Repair Order’s (RO) and RO Profit. Sales’ main goal is what you think of primarily when you think of a dealership: to Sell the Metal! Selling metal is a complex game of give & take, however closing a sale can be a simple as creating a good end to end experience for the shopper. Sales BDC Teams have a very particular role in the sales cycle for a dealership. It’s important to understand that the shopper typically starts with the Automotive BDC.

The Sales BDC Team is usually the first team to reach out to a lead at a dealership. The BDC will reach out to the shopper at their number provided, and will attempt to answer any questions the shopper has about the model they submitted a lead on. Your Sales BDC will hopefully prod for a couple details about the customer, starting with these 3 key questions:

  1. Where the shopper is located?
  2. What car they drive today and if they want to entertain a trade-in?
  3. What sort of down-payment can they provide (OR what sort of general financial situation the shopper is in?

The first two are generic filter questions. They'll tell your agent basic information about the customer. The third is different, and is meant to prime the pump and have the correct experience tee'd up for a shopper's visit to your dealership.

Now it's time to make the ask.

Once your team has collected some of these important details, it's critical to "make the ask" for a in-store-appointment. In store appointments prime the customer for a test-drive and get them mentally committed the idea of a transaction. Not to mention, when they come to your store, they'll be physically close to your F&I dept. Like you know, proximity always helps, so getting them nearer to where the "magic" takes place is important. 

Top 5 Sales BDC Tips for 2020:

1. Audit Your Dealership’s Lead Sources

BDC Sales teams are usually inundated with many lead sources, many of which don’t perform well for the dealership or lead to any desired results. The average dealership uses 10+ different lead sources to feed their BDC. We found that the discrepancy between the highest performing lead sources and the lowest performing ones was usually 500%. 5x the performance of the bad lead sources!

2. Put Your Best Agents Where the Juice Is

Best agents on freshest stuff, weak agents on stuff not likely to convert. Your A-List will be up to bat to make the most impact with the best leads.

3. Six Touches in Twelve Days

Ensure the treatment cadence follow’s the “Sander’s Rule” which is 6 touches in 12 days. This will ensure you're not letting leads fall through the cracks.

4. Inventory Specific Email Responses to New Leads

Did your lead not pick up your first call? Give them a reason to respond back with an enticing email with specific, tailored content.

5. Incentivize your BDC Agents Appropriately!

Sales BDC’s get a lot of foot-traffic to the store. It’s important to compensate the BDC fairly in light of the sales team being the team who closes the actual sale.

Key Takeaway:

You've invested alot of time, energy and money into building a funnel for your online shoppers. Imagine doing all of this work and paying all of this money for leads only to miss out on the true value of your investment.

Many successfull BDCs use smart support, like Detroit Trading, to boosts performance and dig into the true gold in those leads. Contact us today to learn how we've applied these 5 tips and more to our clients who are really... no we mean really... happy with the results!

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